To join the Hollow DNA Study

There are now two ways to join the Hollow DNA study.

Guild of One-Name Studies

The cheapest method is through the Guild of One-Name Studies via me.

First I make an application on your behalf and then you send them the fee, (95 British pounds = approx. $164 Aust. dollars, or $128 US dollars) which includes postage and handling worldwide.

You can pay the fee by:-

Paypal or credit card
Pound Sterling cheque sent to The Guild of One-Name Studies.

To get a test in this way you would need to send me the your details or of the person being tested if it is not yourself. That is, name, postal address, and email. I then send an email with a link that is used to arrange the payment or the Guild address if you prefer paying by Pound Sterling cheque.
The kit will then be sent directly to you or the person nominated. All that has to be done is take the cheek swab and mail off the sample to Family Tree DNA.

This method is substantially cheaper than the standard price of $149 US dollars or even the $139 US dollars when specials are offered.

Family Tree DNA

However if you would prefer to join by dealing with Family Tree DNA directly then go to Family Tree DNA:
Note: This will open a new window in your browser so you can easily alternate between this page and the Family Tree page to follow further instructions.

Click on "Join" on the header image at the top of the webpage on the right hand side

You will be confronted with two options "Already Tested" and "Don't have a Test" If you have already been tested and are wanting to join the project follow the first choice. If you are seeking a DNA kit for the first time click on "Purchase a Test to Join This Project"

Scroll past the Group Information down to "Male Line Testing - For Genealogy and Anthropology"

Click on the "Order Now" button of the appropriate kit , usually "Y-DNA37".

Proceed through the ordering process. There will be an additional shipping charge of $9.95

They will then send you a kit in the post which you use and return. You just take a swab from inside your cheek - very quick and easy!

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

If you have any trouble in this process email me for help.

Copyright 2018 Colin Hollow

Last Modified : 9 August 2018