Hollow DNA Project, Results update Dec. 2013

The results for six tests are now available.
Since the last Hollow Log there have been two more Hollows, Joe and Max, join the project. Their males lines also go back to John Holla, and Chesen Thomas. A look at the results shows that both Joe and Max have almost identical haplotypes to Colin and Robert. Each of them have one difference but the difference is at a different site on the chromosome in each case. This is not unusual for pedigrees that cover over 400 years. A difference in the value of one or two sites is pretty regular in such pedigrees.

Y-37 DNA Test Results

Note: the colours are to show the differences between test results. Adrian has only five sites the same as Colin/Robert, Jim a little better with 15 sites the same. Adrian and Jim share eleven sites the same.

NumberNameOldest Paternal AncestorHaplogroupHaplotype
Genetic Group 001
1ColinJohn Holla b. c1670 ZennorR1b1a21323141110141212121313291691011112715193014161718111119231615171636381212
2RobertJohn Holla b. c1670 ZennorR1b1a21323141110141212121313291691011112715193014161718111119231615171636381212
3JoeJohn Holla b. c1670 ZennorR1b1a21323141110141212121313291691011112715193014161718111219231615171636381212
4MaxJohn Holla b. c1670 ZennorR1b1a2a1a11323141110141212121313291791011112715193014161718111119231615171636381212
Genetic Group 002
5AdrianWilliam Hollow b. c1660 ZennorI2a132315101215111512141130188911112514182911141415101021211410181634351210
Genetic Group 003
6JimIshmael Holla b. c1723 ZennorR1a1a1324151111151212111311301591011112314203112151516111219211616171634371211

If we look at the male descendant lines they show that the people who have tested are a pretty diverse lot. They are not closely related. The common ancestors have been coloured. Two people have two common ancestors Colin and Robert who are sixth cousins. Joe has three common ancestors with Max and Colin, Joe is a fifth cousin to Max and Colin. Max and Colin are the most closely related, they have four common ancestors and they are fourth cousins.
Suffice to say we are not closely related but the results of the DNA tests show remarkable consistency.

Robert’s male line

John Holla, b. c1670 at Zennor, CON
John Holla, b. c1700
John Hollow, b. c1730
Thomas Hollow, b. 1774 at Zennor, CON
Thomas Hollow, b. 1805 at Zennor, CON
Thomas Hollow, b. 1828 at Zennor, CON
Thomas Hollow, b. 17 Apr 1856 at St Ives, CON
Thomas Hollow, b. 1877 at Penzance, CON
William Alfred Hollow, b. 9 Dec 1909 at Norseman, W.A.
Robert Hollow

Joe’s male line

John Holla, b. c1670 at Zennor, CON
John Holla , b. c1700
Matthew Hollow, b. c1736 at Zennor, CON
John Hollow, b. 1773 at Redruth, CON
Henry Hollow, b. 1803 at St Just in Roseland, CON
James Edward Hollow, b. 5 Mar 1839 at Truro, CON
James E. Hollow, b. 28 Jan 1868 at West Ham, LND
Herron Francis Hollow, b. 15 Sep 1902 at Crawford, MO
Joseph Herron Hollow

Max’s male line

John Holla, b. c1670 at Zennor, CON
John Holla , b. c1700
Matthew Hollow, b. c1736 at Zennor, CON
Matthew Hollow, b. 1771 at Redruth, CON
Stephen Hollow, b. 1800 at Redruth
Joseph Hollow, b. 1839 at Redruth, CON
Joseph Thomas Hollow, b. 15 Jan 1878 at Rutherglen, VIC
Joseph Berrie(Widey) Hollow, b. 30 Dec 1911 at Mont Park, VIC
Joseph Maxwell Hollow

Colin’s male line

John Holla, b. c1670 at Zennor, CON
John Holla , b. c1700
Matthew Hollow, b. c1736 at Zennor, CON
Matthew Hollow, b. 1771 at Redruth, CON
Joseph Hollow, b. 21 Dec 1817 at Redruth, CON
Joseph Hollow, b. 21 Jul 1841 at Redruth, CON
Alfred Hollow, b. 22 May 1868 at El Dorado, VIC, AUS
Robert Keith Hollow, b. 10 Feb 1914 at North Prentice, VIC
Colin Hollow

What do these results tell us?

The consistency of the results mean we can confidently say what the Haplotype of the John Holla – Chesen Thomas line is. Any male Hollow whose tests show the same haplotype, give or take a couple of differences, can be confident their ancestry goes back to John Holla and Chesen Thomas whether they can trace the line back by available records or not.
You will notice that Max’s Haplogroup, the red coloured letters after his name in the chart is longer than the others although the first six letters are the same. This comes about because Max was first tested by the Genographic project run by the National Geographic Magazine. They have a different emphasis to our project at Family Tree DNA and concentrate more on haplogroups. They analyse the DNA more extensively. It is most probable that all of three of the other testees in this group would have the same haplotype as Max if the DNA was analysed further.

Adrian and Jim

With Adrian and Jim we still need to establish whether their results represent the marker haplotype for their respective lines. To do that we need to find Hollow males that share a line with them to do the test.
In the mean time something quite interesting has occurred with Jim’s results. In the Family Tree DNA database another project harbors people with almost the same haplotype as Jim. There are several people whose tests come up with only one or two differences to Jim. Now if these people’s surname was Hollow that would be great and we would have found more Hollows for our project. The problem is the people with matching haplotypes are all TUCKERs.
There are two Tuckers with only one different test site difference, and eleven with only two test site differences. We cannot get too excited as some of these may be quite close relatives but the fact remains that their haplotype is almost the same as Jim’s and within the excepted margins.
This highlights the fact that we need to study the written records along side the DNA results. What we can say is that it is highly probable that Jim and the various Tuckers share a common ancestor. Where abouts the common ancestor is on the family tree we do not know. Because there are so many Tuckers with the same haplotype we really have to accept they have a marker set of results and look at Jim’s family tree.
There may be a non-parental event that we have not found that would explain the result. We are pretty sure that Jim’s tree actually starts with a non-parental event.

Jim’s male line

Jane Holla b. c1700
Ishmael Holla , b. 1723 at Zennor, CON
Ishmael Holla, b. 1757 at Morvah, CON
John Holla, b. 1791 at Morvah, CON
Thomas Hollow, b. 1824 at St Just in Penwith, CON
John Edwards Hollow, b. 1847 at St Just in Penwith.
John Rowe Hollow , b. 9 Oct 1886 at St Just in Penwith.
John Rowe Hollow , b. 31 Aug 1912 at Penzance, CON
Jim Hollow

Jim’s oldest male Hollow on his tree is Ishmael Holla b 1723 to Jane Holla and described in the baptism record as a base child, ie born out of wedlock. So maybe the father was a Tucker.
There is a slim chance of finding out the father of Ismael through written records. When searching for Holla records on the Cornwall Records Office on-line catalogue I came across two references to Jane Holla. In 1723 Jane Holla of Zennor was excommunicated from the Church (children look away) for fornication. Both the references refer to this event. Now through my regular viewing of the TV program Who do you think you are? I remember that there have been similar happenings and that the official church record of this non-parental event often includes the name of the father.
So I ordered copies of the two records and they are to hand. I now find I have two additional problems. A, the records are written in an old English script that is hard to decipher and B, they are also written in Latin. This has only happened in December so although I am seeking help at this moment I cannot tell anything for sure but the name Tucker does not seem to appear. I do see the name Johaom (John?) Olliver. He could be the man or a church official; we will have to wait until I can find some old English script specialist who also reads Latin. Shouldn’t be too hard???

Adrian’s results are the most different to all the others and we really need more results from other distant relatives of Adrian to start to work out why his results differ so markedly from the rest. If you are a Hollow male or a relative of one, please consider a test. You could help further our family history.

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