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A One-Name Study (ONS) is a project researching all occurrences of a surname.guild badge This is a study of the names HOLLOW, HOLLA, and HALLO and variants worldwide. I use the data I collect to build up family trees and to link them together as much as possible. This data is becomes the Hollow database on this website and can be accessed through the People, Surname or Place index buttons at the top of this page.

I also research and collect the stories of the different families of HOLLOW, HOLLA, and HALLO. A newsletter, The Hollow Log, contains many of the families' stories.

I offer help and support to researchers of the families with information they may find valuable. I also want to contact others who may be able to help me research people with these surnames as well as my own family’s history.

Colin Hollow

Do You have a family connection to a Hollow?

Your family may already be part of the Hollow database. Use the People Index or the Surname index to search for a deceased Hollow relative.

    • If you find them, check the details you find. If you find an error or you can add to their story please contact me.
    • If you don't find them I would be very interested in finding out more about your family and adding them to the Hollow Database.
Hollow Families from around the World

Can you guess which country these Hollow families come from?

The answers are on the "Contact" page.

The Latest Hollow Log

Hollow Log 59

Hollow Log Issue 59 

The Hollow Log contains stories and information about Hollow families worldwide.

Use the search engine (top of page) to find any mentions of your family.


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