Hollows in Uniform

More than 250 Hollows have served their country in the armed services. This list will attempt to document them, some photographs are included.

If you are tracking down a particular person this alphabetical list of the Hollow family members we have identified may be the best starting point.
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Hollows in Uniform Alphabetical list



A. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Abe Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Albert Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Albert Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Albert Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Albert Charles Hollow (AUS WWII)

Albert James Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Albert Kissell Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Albert Stanley Hollow (AUS WWII)

Alexander Dingle Hollow (U.K. RN c1860)

Alexander G Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Alfred E. Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Alfred George Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Alfred H. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Alfred James Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Alfred John Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Allan Read Hollow (AUS WWII)

Alwyn Thomas Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Andrew Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Andrew Raymond Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Anton E. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Arthur Hollow (U.K. Militia 1903)

Arthur Hollow (AUS. WWI)

Arthur Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Arthur Charles Hollow (AUS WWII)

Arthur Oscar Hollow (AUS WWI)

Arthur Thomas Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Aun Hallow (U.S. WWI)


B. Hollow (U.S. War of 1812/14)

Baden Powell Mann Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Benjamin Thomas Hallo (AUS WWII)

Bernard Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Bertie James Hollow (N.Z. WWI)


C. Hollow (U.K. WWI)

C.H. Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Cecil Francis Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Cecil Rhodes Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Charles Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Charles Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Charles Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Charles H. Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Charles Henry Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Charles Horace Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Christian Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Christopher Norman Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Clarence Eugene Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Clarence G Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Clyde R. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Colin Charles Hollow (AUS WWII)

Conly Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Cyril Edgar George Hollow (AUS WWII)

Cyril I. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Cyrus R. Hollow (U.S. WWII)



Dalwyn A. Hollow (AUS WWII)

Daniel Hollow) (U.K. c1881

Daniel Hollow (U.K./U.S. WWI)

Daniel P. Hollow (U.S. War of 1812/14)

David John Hallo (AUS Navy 1950s

David J. Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Dennis Phillip Hollow (U.S. Vietnam)

Donald Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Donald James Gibson Hollow (N.Z. WWII)

Donald John Hollow (AUS WWII)

Donald William Hallow (U.S. Vietnam)

Doreen Hollow (U.K. WWII)



Edgar Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Edmund M. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Edward Campbell Hollow (AUS WWI)

Edward John E. Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Edward John Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Edward Joseph Hallo (U.S. WWII)

Edward Samuel Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Edward Selwood Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Edwin Charles Matthew Bawden (AUS Boer War)

Edwin Oliver Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Edwin V Hollow (U.K. c1849)

Elias Essey Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Elias Frederick Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Elisha Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Enoch Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Emil John Hollow (U.S. unknown conflict)

Eric Hollow (AUS WWII)

Eunice Grace Hollow (AUS WWII)

Eva Hollow (U.S.A WWII)

Evelyn Rose Hollow (AUS WWII)



Faith Hollow (AUS WWII)

Frank Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Frank Roosevelt Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Frederick Hallow (U.S. Revlny. War)

Frederick Cecil Hollow (AUS WWII)

Frederick James Hollow (AUS WWII)

Frederick John Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Frederick Walter Phillip Hollow (U.K. WWII)



Garfield Victor Hollow (U.K. WWII)

George Hollow (U.K. RN ~1876)

George A. Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

George Alfred Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

George Curnow Hollow (U.K. WWII)

George Henry Hollow (U.K. WWI)

George Odo Hollow (U.S. WWI)

George Samuel Hollow (U.K. WWII)

George W. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

George William Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Gerald Joseph Hallow (U.S. 1970s?)

Gerald J. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Glenwood Joseph Hallow (U.S. WWII)



Harold Whelpton Hollow (AUS WWI)

Harry Hector Hollow (AUS WWI)

Harry Thomas Hollow (AUS WWII)

Harry Wentworth Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Henry Calvin Hollow (AUS WWII)

Henry James Hollow (U.K. Boer War/WWI)

Henry Martin Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Henry Murt Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Henry Orlando Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Herbert Henry Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Herbert Henry Hollow (N.Z. WWII)

Herbert Rudolph Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Hettie (Esther Maddern) Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Horace Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Horace Hurtle Hollow (AUS WWII)

Horatio G Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Howard Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Howard Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Howard Ernest Hollow (AUS WWII)

Hugh Cuthbert Hollow (U.S. WWI)



Israel J. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)



J. Hollow (U.K. WWI)

J.A. Hollow (U.K. WWI)

J.H. Hollow (U.K. WWII)

J.M. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

J.M. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

J.W.Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Jack Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Jack Hollow (AUS WWII)

Jacob Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

James Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

James Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

James Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

James Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

James Hollow) (AUS, WWI

James Hollow (AUS, WWII)

James Hollow (U.S. unknown conflict)

James Anthony Rillston Hollow (U.K. WWII)

James Arthur Curtis Hollow (AUS WWII)

James Benjamin Hollow (U.K. WWII)

James Frederick Hallow (U.S. WWI)

James Harry Hollow (U.K. WWII)

James Henry Trembath Hollow (U.K. post WWI)

James Hicks Hollow South Africa/U.K. Boer War)

James Leon Hollow (AUS WWII)

James Michael Hollow (U.S. Korean War)

James P Hollow (U.S. Army Korea)

James Thomas Hollow (U.K. WWI)

James Thomas Hollow (U.S. 1950s)

James W Hollow (U.S. WWI)

James Walker Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

James Wallis Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Jeremiah Hollow (U.S. Revlny War)

Joan Vivienne Hollow (AUS WWII)

Jody Philip Hollow (AUS Recent)

John Holla (U.K. muster rolls 1569)

John Hollow aka John Hollough (U.K. 1798-1802)

John Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

John Hollow (U.S. War of 1812/14)

John Hollow (U.K. WWI DCLI)

John Hollow (U.K. WWI DR)

John Hollow (AUS WWI)

John Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John A Hollow (U.S. WWI)

John Allen Hallow (U.S. WWI)

John Charles Hollow (U.S. WWI)

John Charles Matthew Hollow (U.S. WWII)

John Crocker Hollow (U.K. WWI)

John Curnow Hollow (U.K. WWI)

John Denis Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John Francis Hollow (U.K. WWI)

John Frisby Bertie Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John Harold Hollow (AUS recent)

John Henry Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John Herbert Hallo (AUS WWI)

John Laurence Hollow (U.S. Vietnam)

John Lester Hollow (U.S. WWI)

John Read Hollow (AUS Vietnam)

John Robert Hallo (U.S. WWII)

John Rowe Hollow (U.K. WWI)

John Rowe Hollow II (U.K. WWII)

John Rowe Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John Samuel Hollow (U.K. WWI)

John Stevens Hollow (CAN WWI)

John Simmons Hallow (U.S. WWI)

John Theodore Hollow (U.K. WWII)

John Thomas Hollow (U.K. post WWI)

John Walter Hollow (U.S. Vietnam)

John William Hallo (AUS WWII)

John Wilson Hollow (WWI N.Z.)

Joseph Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Joseph A. Hallow (U.S. WWII)

Joseph Henry Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Joseph Henry Hollow (AUS WWI)

Julius Hollow (U.S. WWI)



Kate (Katherine Anne Hollow) (U.K. Armed Forces recent)

Kenneth Hollow (S.A. WWII)

Kenneth Charles William Hollow (AUS WWII)

Kenneth Loudon Hallo (AUS WWI)

Kenneth Rogerley Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Kenneth Roy Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Kim Allan, Hollow (AUS recent)



Lawrence R. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Leonard Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Leonard Vincent Hallo (AUS WWII)

Leonard Walter Hollow (AUS WWII)

Lesley Anne Hollow (AUS Navy c1979)

Leslie E. Hallow (U.S. WWII)

Louis Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Louis J Hollow (U.S. recent)

Lre. Hollow (U.S. WWII)



Malachi alias Daniel Hollow (U.K. c1881)

Margaret Elizabeth Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Mark Edward Hallo (U.S. c1970)

Mark Hollow (U.K. c1850)

Mark David Hollow (AUS recent)

Merchert Holla (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Mervyn Clement Hallo (AUS WWII)

Michael John Hollow (AUS Vietnam)

Mike Abram Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Myrtle Irene Hallo (AUS WWII)



Naseeb Salmon Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Nathan P. Hollow (U.S. War of 1812/14)

Neil Frederick Hollow (AUS WWII)

Neil Stewart Hollow (U.S. Korean War)

Nich. Hollow (U.S. Revlny War)

Norman Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Norman, Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

Norman Stanley Hollow (AUS WWII)



Oliver Clyde Hollow (AUS WWII)

Oswald Hollow (U.K. WWII)



P.Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Patrick Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Patrick J. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Paul Quick Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Percy Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Percival Falstead Hallo (AUS WWII)

Percival Vincent Hollow (AUS/N.Z. WWI)

Percy Frederick Cecil Hollow (AUS WWII)

Peter Frederick Hollow (AUS conflict unknown)

Philip John Hollow (AUS RAAF c1980)



R Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

R Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

R.C. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Ray Henderson Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Reginald Cecil Hollow (WWI N.Z.)

Richard Hollow (U.K. 1817-1850)

Richard Charles Hollow (WWII U.K.)

Reginald Frederick Monty Hollow (AUS WWII)

Reginald Redvers Cruse Hollow (U.K. WWI) (AUS WWII)

Richard Albert Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Richard Ellis Hollow (WWI N.Z.)

Richard Gyles Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Richard H Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Richard Henry Hollow (U.K. WWII)

Richard John Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Richard P Hollow (U.S. Revlny War)

Richard William Hollow (U.K. c1881 Royal Navy)

Robert Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Robert Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Robert Archie Hollow (AUS WWI)

Robert Gordon Hollow (AUS WWII)

Robert Keith Hollow (AUS WWII)

Robert M Hollow (U.S. Korean War)

Robt. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Robert Thomas Hallo (AUS WWII)

Rob Bettis Hollow (Rhodesian Army)

Rodger Hollow

(U.S. WWI)

Roy John Herbert Hollow (AUS WWI)

Russell Thomas Hollow (U.S. WWI)



S Alys , Gordon-Smith nee Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Salvatore F. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Samuel Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Samuel Alexandria Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Samuel Henry E. Hollow (AUS WWI)

Sidney Charles Hollow (WWII U.K.)

Stanley Henry Hollow (AUS WWII)

Stephen Hallow ) (U.S. WWII

Stephen Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Stephen Gordon Hollow (AUS WWI)



T.L. Hollow (U.S. WWII)

Thomas Hollow (U.K. RN c1740)

Thomas Hallo (U.S. Revlny War)

Thomas A. Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

Thomas B. Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Thomas Bryant Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Thomas Edward Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Thomas F Hollow (U.S.A. Korean War)

Thomas Joseph Hollow (AUS WWII)

Thomas Patrick Hollow (AUS recent)

Thomas Rowe Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Todd, Holman (U.S. Navy recent)

Tracey Lee Hollow (AUS Navy c1979)



Victor Lowe Hollow (AUS WWII)


W Hollow (Indian Defence Force WWI)

Wallace Hollow (U.K. WWI)

Walter Hollow (U.S. WWI)

Walter John Hallow (U.S. WWI)

Wayne Hollow (South Afrian Army)

Wilfred John Hollow (U.K. WWII)

William, Hallow (CAN Inf. WWI)

William Hollow (CAN Exp. Force WWI)

William A. Hollow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

William Alfred Hollow (U.K. WWI)

William Alfred Hollow (AUS WWII)

William Charles Hollow (U.S. WWI)

William Clement Hallo (AUS WWI)

William Dingle, Hollow (WWI U.K.)

William Edward, Hollow (U.K. c1875)

William Edward, Hollow (U.K. WWI)

William Edward, Hollow (U.K. WWI)

William Edward Hollow (U.K. WWI)

William Edward Solomon (AUS WWI)

William Edwin Hollow (U.K. WWI)

William Franklin Rosewarne Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

William George Hollow (U.S. WWII)

William Hector Hollow (AUS WWII)

William Henry Matthew Hollow (U.K. RN c1881)

William J. Hallow (U.S. Civil War 1861-65)

William J. "Bill" Hollow (U.S., Vietnam War)

William James Hollow (U.K., WWI)

William James Hollow (AUS WWI)

William John Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

William Kilter Hollow (U.K. WWII)

William Louis Hallo (AUS WWII)

William Owles Hollow (N.Z. WWI)

William Percy Hollow (AUS WWI)

William Richard Hallow (U.K. RN c?)

William Robert Hollow (AUS WWII)

Willm Holla (U.K. muster rolls 1569)


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