In researching Hollows around the world I have come across Hollow families that do not fit the norm. The norm being Hollows of Cornish origin who migrated to many parts of the world usually in pursuit of work in mining or associated industries.

The unusual Hollows I have found and researched have been the subject of stories in the Hollow Log. These links will lead you to these stories. Click on the relevant image to get to the story.

Hollows in India

A Hollow family established a presence in Calcutta, now Kolkatta, in the 1780s which continued for over 160 years, at least until the 1940s.

The Hollow Log Issue 44 

Native American Hollows

I first became aware of Native American Hollows by doing searches in US census returns. I found many Native Americans with the surname Hollow. The story of two of these families can be found in Hollow Log 54.

The Hollow Log Issue 54 

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