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Every One-name study involves the reasearcher at some point, embarking on mapping the distribution of a surname. It is possible to map a surname around the world using a combination of phone books, directories and electoral rolls, but it was not an easy task.

Now there are however, a couple of websites that collect data on surnames across the world and then produce distribution maps of that data.

Forebears Analysis

Forbears is one such website. They have produced the data and map below for the surname Hollow. The map was created on data collated in 2014.


Forbears has collected a huge amount of data to produce this map. It shows the Hollow name as being present in 37 countries (England, Wales and Scotland are treated as separate countries) with the largest abundance being in Australia. To see the figures click Forebears data 

The position of Australia is a surprising result and does not tally with data from my research or with a another website that maps surname distribution, "Locate my name" which has produced a different map from their data.

Locate My Name Analysis


I feel this map is a truer picture of the Hollow distribution in that the order closer to the reality. Now my criticism is that the Hollow presence in Australia and New Zealand now appears to be too small for both countries.


 Telephone Research

In 2019 I did an analysis of phone directories and it gave  me the figures below. Keep in mind that a listing is only for one person. Behind which may be a spouse and children. So the figure for the actual number of Hollows will be somewhat larger.


Number of 
"Hollow" references
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa 2 http://www.whitepages.co.za/


In Summary

 The order of countries where there is a Hollow presence would seem to be 1. United States, 2. United Kingdom, 3. Australia, 4. New Zealand, 5. Canada, 6. South Africa.

While it may seem South Africa should be higher, my telephone directory survey showed 3 Hollows (with an S). The Hollows (with an S) may have inflated the numbers in the data of the two internet companies cited, if Hollows were included. Hollows (with an S) have been excluded from my data because the surname Hollows has a different origin to the surname Hollow. However I don't think this would alter the ranking I have shown.

The rest of the countries follow with much smaller numbers. There needs to be further work done to track down the Hollows in these countries.

I know from contacts already made that there are members of the Hollow family in Norway, Malaysia, Portugal. 



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Last Modified : 30 December 2019